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Softcore showed his interest in music at an early age by listening to various (and sometimes contradictional) genres of music and later on by studying anything related to music, composition and production. At schoolyears he took up guitar lessons which didnt last long because his dream always was to produce a complete music piece from scratch and not just playing an instrument! Technological achievements were always his other passion and along with that he was always fascinated by digital forms of art!
So it simply makes sense that nowadays, Softcore is creating his own musical pieces based on electronic-dance music with a mixture from minimalistic structures, distorted techno and dark atmospheres! He is considered by more than a few a "perfectionist" regarding the quality of the final production and he is well known for his extended use (and abuse) of MIDI - OSC controllers as parts of his performance routines.

His releases have received support from producers and DJs such as Fernando Ferreyra (Outside the Box, Frisky), Herc Kass (Proton, Pure.FM), Hypnotic Duo (Deepsessions), Placid (Lightworks, Frisky Radio), Sasha Le Monnier (Proton Radio, DI.FM), Jerome Robins (Bedrock, ensonicFM), 16 bit Lolitas (Bits n Pieces, Frisky Radio), Ingo Vogelmann (A&R FriskyRecords, L2 Music) and Aaron Lee (PureFM) amongst others.
His tracks have also appeared in compilations alongside producers such as Alex D'Elia (Ready2Rock, Rekluse), Lutzenkirchen, Mynude (Several Reasons Recordings, Frucht), Wally Lopez (theFactoria), SCSI-9 (Kompakt), Solee (Get Physical Music), SQL (Gem, Form), Tomkraft, Zoo Brazil, and others while as a DJ he has participated in events with Axel Karakasis (Remain Records), Christian Smith (Tronic Music), Mark Reeve (Cocoon Recordings, Drumcode), Tom Hades (Rhythm Convert(ed)), Lutzenkirchen, the Advent (Kombination Research, Codeworks) and many more.


Broken EP

(4 Tracks, MP3, EP)
Calesthesia, Floating Joint, System Delusive, Broken
Hypothermik Musik, 2013

Polyticks EP

(4 Tracks, MP3, EP)
Future (intro), Back To Basics, Prejudiced, Polyticks
Hypothermik Musik, 2012

Control Freak EP

(4 Tracks, MP3, EP)
Symmetry, Been A Long Time, Control Freak, The Sick Boy
Hypothermik Musik, 2011

Tamahagane EP

(3 Tracks, MP3, EP)
Dara, Tamahagane, Never as one
Hypothermik Musik, 2010


Social Spott

(6 Tracks, MP3, EP)
Social Spott (Softcore Remix)
Technodrome, 2015

Strain Base Remixed

(2 Tracks, MP3, EP)
Strain Base (Softcore remix)
Ready 2 Rock, 2011

Umbel Remixes Vol 2

(CD, Maxi)
Umbel (Softcore Remix)
Elektrotribe, 2010


No More Idols! 6

(25 tracks, MP3, Comp)
Been A Long Time
Budenzauber, 2012

Fragments 3

(20 tracks, MP3, Comp)
Momentum League, 2011

Doppelgänger Presents Techhouse Underground Vol. 8

(27 tracks, MP3, Comp)
The Sick Boy
Doppelgänger, 2011

Techno Underground Vol. 6

(29 tracks, MP3, Comp)
Doppelgänger, 2010

Fresh Minimal Breed: Volume 3

(10 tracks, MP3, Comp)
Plusquam Division, 2009


Rand0m, Bio & Softcore at Astron Bar Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rand0m, Bio and Softcore join forces for a techno-only Thursday night at Astron bar.

  • when: Friday, January 22, 2016
  • where: Astron Bar, Taki 3, Psirri, 10554 Athens, Greece
  • entrance: free

Agianna Carnival ↑ Dirty Talk Vol.VI Saturday - Sunday, February 20 - 21, 2016

The "dIRTY tALK" events are an annual Electronic Music Event which takes place during Greek Halloween at sT. aNNA Village in North Evia,a small but restless village.
It is worth mentioning that during the ancient custom of Greek Halloween...bad language - habits and curses are permitted and actually publically organized through parades - songs and theatrical sketches in order to please the ancient Gods and have personal relief by purifying the soul. Through out these years many great djs from Greece have participated as well as many Djs from different countries honoured us with their presence.
Without any outside funding, such as sponsors etc. we try with our own money, friends and connections to manage our own events in the exact way we want them to be, in old factories, abandoned bars and places in the fields and the sea. Thats why we have formed a group of people, an artistic team, a kollektive: the gENERATORS cOMMUNITY.
Our goal is to develop the area of North Evia, its natural beauties and legacy, as well as the promotion of young independent musicians.
In other words: we do it because we believe in what we love.
We expect you to live a true experience.

  • when: Saturday - Sunday, February 20 - 21, 2016
  • where: Ayia Anna village, Evvoia, Greece
  • entrance: 5 euros
Line up:

Event on Facebook

Object 07

Live jamming - no audio loops were used.



Releases are available on all major online stores such as Beatport, JunoDownload and iTunes.


Everything Softcore is involved in, from web radio shows to music software development. Being a firm believer that personal tools help to attain personal style and unleash creativity and imagination, Softcore is sharing his own set of music software tools and creations. Feel free to use them if you think you can make something good out of them or make a donation to support Softcore.

All the projects at a glance
Lemur was a dedicated hardware touch surface controller originally released by Jazzmutant and after the original hardware was discontinued, Lemur was ported to iOS and continued to be developed by Liine. The whole concept is backed up by an active user community and of course a dedicated user library where Softcore has contributed his personal ideas.
Anything related to Ableton Live
Anything related to Max/MSP and Max For Live
Softcore's radio shows and podcasts



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